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A subsidiary company of Cape Bouvard Investments Pty Ltd (CBI), Cape Bouvard Technologies Pty Ltd (CBT) focuses on building and expanding the technology division of CBI. A new electric vehicle energy storage system and a new transmission for a wide range of applications from bicycles/motorcycles to motor vehicles are being developed. The Proprietor and several of CBI’s technical executives were the driving force behind the technology described in the mid-eighties, by renowned US aerospace experts to NASA, as the; “cutting edge of world combustion technology”; which has generated substantial IP income. The proprietor has commercialised numerous other inventions.

CBT is currently working on a number of exciting developments in the energy storage and engineering sectors that demonstrate considerable potential.Visit the website

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Cape Bouvard Head Office
Level 19, Alluvion,
58 Mounts Bay Road,
Perth WA 6000
Phone +618 9429 3400
Fax +618 9429 3444

Cape Bouvard Technologies Pty Ltd
23 McCabe Street,
Mosman Park WA 6012
Phone +618 9430 9300
Fax +618 9430 9262