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Cape Bouvard Investments Pty Ltd (CBI) was founded in 1986 and is considered one of Australia’s largest privately owned businesses. Its key activities include:-

Real Estate Holdings – Three apartment blocks and three CBD office towers, (300 hectares of Australian eastern and western coastal current and future subdivisible land), ten hectares of residential/commercial land in a large city shopping precinct, 16,000m² of retail outlets.

Technology – Inventions and intellectual property which are presently under development include; a new Vehicle Energy Storage Systems (for electric vehicles) and household sustainable energy storage; a wind machine and a simple, low-cost bicycle/motor vehicle automatic transmission. Technical achievements are referred to under sections “Awards” and “Environment Support”.

Equity Investments – Substantial international and Australian market commitments (see Equity Investments under Portfolio section).

Current & Future Investments – A component of the office buildings sales revenues in 2003 & 2006 ($741m in current dollars), was held for a Clifton Beach Wind Farm project that ultimately, did not eventuate due to political factors. The $300m allocated for this will now be applied to properties and/or in a suitable operating business, adding to its existing $600m in real estate commitments.