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The Proprietors of CBI believe there is nothing more valuable to the human existence than health. The latest Philanthropic donation by CBI’s Proprietors towards medical research and associated items was the construction of a new Neurosciences Institute of which their contribution represented 95% of the private sector’s total. CBI proprietor philanthropic contributions, including gifts, now exceed $100m, of which the medical component represents $76m.

CBI’s contribution to nature include:

  • The establishment of wetlands and waterways for wildlife where hundreds of water birds live and breed.
  • Planting over one million trees in the Peel region between Whitehill Road and Preston Beach Road;
  • Assisting with the rehabilitation of endangered species such as the Ring-tailed Possum; via the provision of several hundred hectares of native habitat and predator control.
  • Providing authorities with machinery, land and manpower in the interests of environmental protection and enhancement.